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Since 2000, we have been producing and marketing natural wood protectors that are made from domestic raw materials.
The Eco Oil OÜ dye house, which is located at Valgjärve, in Põlva County, offers the best solutions in natural wood protectors that are suitable for our climate. We have perfected our knowledge in this area whilst operating in co-operation with German laboratories.
Our basic raw product, linseed oil, is a domestic product. The flax fields are located in Mooste, in Põlva County, on the land owned by Paali Farm, where the growing and pressing of flax is approached in a scientific manner, giving us good quality raw materials for producing wood protectors.
Another important raw material in our wood protectors is pine tar, which we produce ourselves to as great an extent as possible. In part we also purchase pine tar from our foreign partners, which we reprocess in order to achieve its final quality levels.
Our goal is to give people an opportunity to finish and protect their homes and associated wooden buildings from the inside and outside with natural products that are made from linseed oil and pine tar. A good quality wood protector that is produced by an experienced and professional team gives the wood all the protection it needs against moisture, mould, and blue stain fungus, and helps to highlight the fine appearance of the wood and its durability for years to come.
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