Eco Sauna

We have been producing bath barrels and other light wooden buildings since 2007. We pay special attention to the quality of the raw materials and accessories, since this determines the durability and strength of a product.
We are constantly working on product development, and our product range has increased year after year, by taking into account the requirements of our customers and offering them top-notch solutions and services.
The best way to assess the projects that we have completed is to take a glimpse at the positive feedback that we have received from both our domestic and foreign customers.
For 2016, our product range includes bath barrels, barrel and oval saunas, trailer barrels, trailer saunas, floating saunas, sauna houses, and also camp sites and camping houses.
Most of our production output is exported, but the domestic market also covers a considerable part of it.
During the years in which we have been active, we have grown to be one of the field’s largest producers in Estonia thanks to our great levels of quality and favourable prices.
Our main goal is to offer our customers only the best products with excellent service levels.

Hot Tub Manual

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