Barrel sauna 220

A simple 1 room sauna with a wood burning stove, where two people can lie down or four people can sit comfortably. Ideal for a terrace or near a water body, where the space is at premium and there is no need for a separate wash room. The barrel sauna 220 weighs only 680 kg, which in turn makes for easier transportation and enjoyment of the sauna in a location with limited space. If you are looking for an affordable and compact solution for enjoying the pleasures of a sauna, then look no further.



The set includes:

  • Wall material is 28/42 mm spruce or thermo wood
  • Fireproof Minerit board underneath the stone heater and back wall of the heater
  • Sauna bench
  • Floor grate
  • Steam room door is made from 8 mm toughened bronze glass
  • Roofing material used is bitumen shingles (Black, Brown, Grey, Red or Green).



    • COZY wood burning stove and stones
    • Harvia wood burning stove and stones
    • Huum HIVE wood burning stove and stones
    • Stainless steel fireproof chimney
    • Above the heater 30 L water tank
    • Half moon glass to the rear
    • Full moon glass wall to the front or rear
    • Lighting in the sauna rooms
    • Sauna interior and exterior finishing

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