Terrace sauna 160 with a full glass

The small and compact size of this gem makes finding a space for it easy. It can even be placed on a terrace, as its name suggests.

In our selection of terrace saunas, there is something for every taste – for those who like privacy as well as for those who would like to enjoy views in many directions. A panoramic glass wall will enhance the sauna experience.



The set includes: 

  • Wall material is 28/42 mm spruce or thermo pine
  • Sauna bench
  • Floor grates
  • 8 mm toughened bronze glass door
  • Full glass wall to the front
  • Roofing material used is bitumen shingles (Black, Brown, Grey, Red or Green)



    • Harvia electric heater with stones
    • Huum Drop electric heater with stones
    • Back rest
    • Lighting in the sauna room and outside
    • Sauna interior and exterior finishing

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