“Western” sauna

Western sauna (2.8 x 5.8 m) is a large and spacious sauna house, which in its external style resembles the horse carriage of the Wild West.

The curved roof shape of the sauna house, which resembles a western wagon, provides good air circulation in the steam room and thus the best steam. The straight ̴15 m2 floor area of the sauna provides maximum practical interior space and expanse. The two-level solution with a wide bench offers several options for bathers with different wishes to enjoy the steam. The large panoramic glass in the steam room expands the space, brings you closer to nature, and probably offers the best view while you are on the bench.

The wood-burning heater of the sauna can be selected according to your preference, either Harvia Legend 150-SL or Harvia 240-DUO. The water tank on top of the heater ensures pleasant humidity in the steam room, and you can also get your steam water from there.



The set includes:

  • wall material 42 mm thermo pine. End walls and floor 42 mm thermo pine;
  • under the heater and in the back wall, fireproof and heat-resistant minerit plate;
  • ventilation grilles in the walls;
  • two-level L-shaped bench with backrest in the steam room, material thermo alder;
  • floor grate in the steam room;
  • shower room open on one side
  • benches with storage spaces in the anteroom;
  • 8 mm tempered bronze glass door in the steam room;
  • lockable double-sided wooden door with double glazing;
  • arches at the edges of the roof;
  • under the roofing material SBS underlayment;
  • roofing material bituminous shingles Katepal (black, brown, gray, red, green);


  • wood burning heater Harvia Legend 240-DUO heated from the anteroom + heater stones 140 kg;
  • wood burning heater Harvia Legend 150-SL heated from the anteroom + heater stones 120 kg;
  • Stainless, fireproof chimney (CE);
  • Water tank 30 L on top of the heater;
  • Lighting in both rooms, outdoor lighting in front of the sauna;
  • Switches + plugs in the anteroom;
  • Stereo system – radio, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, speakers, antenna;
  • Shower faucet set;
  • Hot water boiler 50L;
  • Non-slip floor mat with a drain in the shower room;
  • Underfloor insulation with moisture-proof insulation board EPS 120;
  • Exterior finish with Sikkens glaze;
  • Interior finishing with Tikkurila Sauna Supi, floors with water-based varnish.

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