Camping POD 400

Made of wood, this universal camping pod offers various uses for someone who appreciates nature. The pod can be used for either living-, sleeping and/or office premises. The shape of the pod resembles an upside-down boat and is favored for its simplicity, practicality and space. The camping pods have a terrace and a large room and can be ordered with or without furniture. The glazed door, large window and terrace allow you to enjoy the outdoors come rain or shine.



The set includes:

Wall material is 28mm spruce or Thermo pine

Lockable doublesided glass paneled wooden door

Openable window to the rear

Roof material is bitumen shingle, that come in black, brown, grey, red or green.



Furniture, mattresses for beds, lights inside and outside with sockets, interior and exterior decoration


Measurements:  400 x 240

Number of people:    2

Weight:     900 kg

Door dimensions – refer to drawings

External walls: 28mm

Material used is spruce or Thermo pine.

Additional information

Mõõtmed: 400 x 239 cm
Number of people: 2
Weight: 900 kg
Ukse mõõtmed: vaata jooniselt
Akende mõõtmed: vaata jooniselt
Välisseinad: 28 mm
Materjal: kuusk või termomänd