Harvia set MODULAR CHIMNEY WHP 1500, Black

Harvia steel chimney is a stylish chimney solution that is easy to install. The steel chimney withstands large temperature fluctuations and is intended for use primarily in separate sauna buildings with wood-burning heaters, smaller fireplaces, and fireplace stoves. As the outer casing, inner tube, and end caps are made of stainless steel, the product is durable and retains its appearance.



The starter package of the steel chimney contains a 1.5-meter steel chimney (WHP1500) and accessory box with 1.0 m non-insulated flue, rain cap, rubber rain collar and rain collar mounting kit, stainless steel grommet for the ceiling, and steel chimney grommet collar insulation. The steel chimney is easy to extend with additional components of 0.5 (WHP500) and 1.0 (WHP1000) meters. Thanks to the ingenious mechanism, the additional components are screwed together, and the flues are also locked into each other due to the grooves in the pipe. In this way, movement due to temperature fluctuations is prevented. Indoors, the chimney can be installed at the height of 3 meters without support, and outdoors it has a corresponding height of 2 m. The nominal flue gas temperature of the hearth connected to the Harvia steel chimney must not exceed 600 ºC. The outer diameter of the steel chimney is 220 mm, and the diameter of the fire pipe is 115 mm. The safety distance of the steel chimney from combustible materials is 100 mm. Harvia steel chimney is CE marked, and therefore the product meets international fire and safety requirements. The steel chimney is soot burning resistant. Carefully read the installation and operating instructions for the steel chimney and the heater connected to it.

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