Hot tub 220

But who said the tubular sauna must lie on its side? The Ecosauna product range includes a nice barrel sauna, where you can take a nice steam bath. Hot tub 220 is much more fairy-tale-like, and we have also been inspired by the famous cartoon “Stories of the Moomin Valley,”… or was it the other way around? In any case, it is a stylish and compact solution with everything you need for a nice steam bath!

You can select the sauna wood-burning heater according to your wishes, either Harvia M series or the GOZY 12 wood-burning heater. The water tank on top of the heater ensures pleasant humidity in the steam room, and you can also get your steam water from there.



The set includes:

  • wall material 42 mm. Ceiling and floor 42mm. Spruce or thermal pine.
  • under the heater and in the back wall, fireproof and heat-resistant minerit plate;
  • ventilation grilles in the wall;
  • two-level bench, the material being alder;
  • floor grate;
  • lockable wooden door with a window;
  • two windows, one of them openable;
  • roofing material bituminous shingles Katepal (black, brown, gray, red, green).


  • GOZY wood burning heater + heater stones 120 kg;
  • Harvia M2 wood burning heater + heater stones 30 kg;
  • Stainless, fireproof chimney (CE);
  • Water tank 30 L on top of the heater;
  • Lighting in the steam room;
  • Exterior finish with Sikkens glaze;
  • Interior finishing with Tikkurila Sauna Supi.

Additional information

Mõõtmed: 225 Ø x 330 cm
Number of people: 4
Ukse mõõtmed: 169×59 cm
Välissein: 42mm
Sisesein: 28mm
Materjal: kuusk, termokuusk
Tarneaeg: 6-8 nädalat