Hot tub DeLux 200 with external stove

With an external stove, the Hot Tub DeLux 200 is an ideal quality home spa. This product is finished to a high standard, suitable for year-round use, and easy to maintain. There is also an extensive list of extras available.



What makes the Hot Tub so attractive is its ergonomic and easy to care for insert, made from glassfiber, as well as luxurious Thermo wood cladding and a stainless steel stove of high quality.

It takes less time to heat the tub and less wood to do so, so you can start enjoying the experience sooner.


The set includes:

Stainless steel external stove (30 kW)

2 meter chimney with heat protective grille and chimney cap

Thermo wood cladding finished with weather protective stain

Two-tier step

Ergonomic glassfiber insert in Grey, White or Blue


You can choose from variety of extras to go with your tub, such as:

LED lights (RGB), bubblesystem, digital thermometer, stereo system, cupholders, filter system, glassfiber cover, PVC cover, insulated cover and concrete base.

Additional information

Number of people: kuni 7
Heating time 5-38°C: ~2,5h
Capacity: 1350L
Väline läbimõõt: 2000mm
Sisemine läbimõõt: 1800mm
Kõrgus: 970mm
Sügavus: 830mm
Weight: 250kg