Hot tub “OFURO” with a gas oven

The gas heated Hot Tub OFURO is a quality two-person spa that is suitable for year-round use and easy to maintain.



The OFURO features ergonomic seating, easy-to-clean inserts made from glassfiber, plus luxurious Thermo wood cladding and a stainless steel gas heater of high quality. With less time needed to heat the tub, you can begin relaxing sooner.


The set includes:

Integrated stainless steel gas heater (36 kW)

Thermowood cladding finished with a weather-resistant stain

Two-tier step

Ergonomic seats with grey glassfiber insert


You can choose from variety of extras to go with your tub, such as:

LED lights (RGB), bubblesystem, digital thermometer, stereo system, cupholders, filter system and insulated cover.

Additional information

Number of people: up to 2
Heating time 5-38°C: 0,5 – 1h
Capacity: 800 L
Outer diameter: 1200 x 1900mm
Inner diameter: 1100 x 1800mm
Height: 1040mm
Depth: 940mm
Weight: 160kg