Puukeris HARVIA M3

Harvia M3 is a classically stylish heater in terms of its design and is suitable for a smaller wood-heated sauna. This makes being in the sauna a pleasant experience and creates the atmosphere of a traditional sauna. The even heat released from the heater and the efficient fire and air circulation ensures pleasant steam. Harvia M3 is equipped with a glass door, and the blaze of the fire that can be seen through it creates an even more spirited atmosphere in the sauna. The heater is of a stylish graphite black color, and its upper grille is made of stainless steel. The M3 heater can be equipped with a chimney-type water heater. The recommended size of the sauna room is 4,5–13 m3, and the maximum number of stones is 30 kg. WKM3



  • Stones are not included
  • Pipes are not included

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