Tubular camping house 330

A classic, simple, and our smallest tubular camping house -a good escape from the daily routine or a handy accommodation for both unexpected and welcome guests. The tubular camping house is divided into two rooms, one with a large bed and the other with two benches, which can be made into beds for children if necessary. In addition, there is a pull-out table hidden under the large bed, which makes the anteroom a suitable place for dining or other leisure activities.



The set includes:

  • wall material 42 mm spruce or thermo pine;
  • floor gratings;
  • lockable wooden door with a package window;
  • two openable windows with a double-glazed unit in the front wall and a larger openable window with a double-glazed unit in the rear wall;
  • furniture;
  • roofing material bituminous shingles Katepal (black, brown, gray, red, green).


  • mattresses for beds,
  • blinds for windows,
  • indoor and outdoor lighting, switches, plugs, etc.,
  • exterior finishing,
  • interior decoration.

Additional information

Mõõtmed: Ø 210 x 330 cm
Number of people: 2-4
Weight: 950 kg