Water filtration system with filter balls

Simple, efficient, and compact filter system specially designed for hot tubs and smaller garden pools (up to 14 m3). Suitable for those who want an affordable filter system with a particularly high filtration capacity that is extremely easy to use.

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Filter balls provide clean and crystal clear water and are much more efficient than filter elements and sand filters. Filter balls can be used in any shape of the filter and catch suspended particles up to 0.01 mm in size (sand filter up to 0,04 mm). Filter balls can be washed in a washing machine without detergent and used for several seasons.

Additional information

Maksimaalne vee maht: 14 m3
Pumba võimsus: 100 W / 4000 l/h
Puhastusvõimsus: 3800 l/h
Filtripaak: Ø 25 cm
Filtripallid: 320g
Toitepinge: 230 V / 50 Hz
Voolikuühendus: Ø 32/38 mm
Pikkus: 51,4 cm
Laius: 28,7 cm
Kõrgus: 43,2 cm