Playhouse Anni

Playhouse Anni is a 3.6 m² one-and-a-half-story garden house with a small garden and a terrace. A pleasant nest can be prepared on the mezzanine inside for the child to rest.



The playhouse can be painted or tinted as desired. Roofing material is not included. We recommend building a foundation for the house!

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  • Floor, roof, and wallboard: 16 mm
  • Wall height to the eaves: 172 cm, total height 222 cm
  • Area: interior 3.6 m² + terrace 2.3 m². Roof area: 5.2 m²/area under roof 0.8 m² roof angle 28° and 8 °
  • Door opening dimensions: 54 cm ×112 cm
  • Dimensions of non-openable window (plexiglass): 56 × 56 cm and 56×25 cm
  • Material: spruce
  • Package size: 50x120x230 cm
  • Package weight: 360 kg



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