Playhouse Emma

Emma is a lovely cottage with a small hallway and storage (hiding) place on the side. Emma has four large and one small window. Emma is the right size house to provide a nice play area for the child.



The playhouse can be painted or tinted as desired. Roofing material is not included. We recommend building a foundation for the house.

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  • Floor, roof, and wallboard: 16 mm
  • Wall height to the eaves: 129 cm, total height 211 cm
  • Area: indoor space 4.2 m² + hallway 0.47 m² + shed 0.22 m²
  • Roof area: 7.0 m²+ entrance roof area 1.4 m², shed roof area 0.22 m² / roof angle 40°
  • Product dimensions: 55.1 cm × 117.5 cm
  • Dimensions of non-openable window (plexiglass): 44.7 cm x 59 cm, hallway window 33.3 cm x 59 cm
  • Material: spruce
  • Package size: 73x109x210 cm
  • Package Weight: 380 kg

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