Tubular camping house 480 with a terrace

Classic, simple, spacious, and practical tubular camping house, which is good to escape from the daily routine or a handy accommodation for unexpected as well as welcome guests.

What makes this cottage special is the large terrace and the optimally sized interior rooms. The large terrace allows you to relax and enjoy the soothing effects of the fresh air. The cottage can sleep up to four people – one large bed and two benches, which can be turned into beds if necessary. There is also a pull-out table hidden under the large bed.



The set includes:

  • wall material 42 mm spruce or thermo pine;
  • floor gratings;
  • lockable wooden door with a package window;
  • two openable windows with a double-glazed unit in the front wall and a larger openable window with a double-glazed unit in the rear wall;
  • furniture;
  • roofing material bituminous shingles Katepal (black, brown, gray, red, green).


  • mattresses for beds,
  • blinds for windows,
  • indoor and outdoor lighting, switches, plugs, etc.,
  • exterior finishing,
  • interior decoration.

Additional information

Mõõtmed: Ø 226 x 480 cm
Number of people: 4
Weight: 1300 kg
Ukse mõõtmed: vaata jooniselt
Akende mõõtmed: vaata jooniselt