Electric heater HARVIA Cilindro

A large number of sauna stones in the Harvia Cilindro electric heater offers an enjoyable sauna session. You can choose between three different Cilindro heater models. The quality-price ratio of this floor-mounted heater is excellent. The outer casing with openings of the Cilindro heater is made of stainless steel. The character of the steam can be chosen from soft to sharp, throwing water either on the sides of the heater or directly on the stone column.

Prices vary by model. Ask our specialists for information on which model is best for you!



The Cilindro H heater has a partial mesh at the front, which gives sauna users the advantage of a large number of stones, but at the same time, allows the heater to be installed in a smaller room. The Cilindro F heater has an outer casing without openings. This solution reduces safety distances, so the heater requires less space, and the bench can be placed closer to the heater. This gives creativity more freedom in designing the sauna. Compared to the softer steam of other Cilindro models, Cilindro F offers sharper steam. The stone space of Cilindro H and Cilindro F heaters is made of stainless steel, and the outer shell is made of galvanized steel painted black. The heaters are equipped with built-in controls, and their switches are located at the bottom of the front of the heater. Cilindro PC70E and PC90E are controlled by a separate control center (such as the Griffin or C150). Cilindro E models can be built into the lower step of the bench using a stainless-steel collar (PC1).

  • Models: PC70, PC70E, PC90, PC90E, PC70HE, PC90HE
  • Power (kW): 6.8 kW, 9 kW
  • Control center: integrated or separate
  • Color: Steel or Black
  • Room dimensions: 6 – 14 m3

Ask our specialists for information on which model is best for you!

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