Saunahouse FRODO with three rooms

The recently-launched home sauna “Frodo” is named after the protagonist hobbit Frodo, from the movie “Lord of the Rings”. The design of the sauna is inspired by Frodo’s house, and it is filled with mystery and an air of outworldliness, that radiates courage and endurance. The curved shape of the roof of the sauna gives good air movement in the steam room and thus the best steam.

The straight floor surface of the sauna gives maximum practical space and openness inside the house. The floor of the sauna is built in such a way that you can change the floorboards or, if you wish, you can replace the entire floor. This allows you to install even an oak parquet or underfloor heating!



This spacious lounge is the perfect place to cool off in the company of friends or family after a hot sauna session. The seats are equipped with storage underneath, and can also be used as a sleeping arrangement. A large washroom can be fitted with a shower cubicle or a wet room style wash corner.

You have a selection of sauna heaters to choose from: Harvia or Huum woodfired stove. The water tank above the heater will ensure proper moisture in the steam room.

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The set includes:

  • Wall material is 42 mm thermo pine
  • Fireproof Minerit board underneath the stone heater and the back wall of the heater
  • An L shape, two tire sauna bench
  • Large 70 cm bench in the wash room
  • Openable windows in both the steam room and washroom
  • There are 70 cm wide benches with storage in the front room
  • The steam and wash room have a door, made from toughened bronze glass
  • Double sided lockable front door, made of wood with 4 large glass panels
  • Decorative end panels to the roof
  • The roofing material used is bitumen shingles (Black, Brown, Grey, Red or Green) with self-adhering underlayment.


    • The Harvia Legend 150 or 150 SL wood-fired stove and stones can be heated from the steam room or front room
    • Harvia Legend 240 DUO and stones, heated from the front room
    • Huum Hive Heat wood-fired stove and stones, heated from steam room
    • Stainless steel chimney
    • Water tank above the heater
    • Lights inside and outside
    • Electrical sockets in front room
    • Stereo system – (radio, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, speakers, antenna)
    • Shower cubical in washroom
    • Sauna interior and exterior finishing
    • Horizontal electric boiler.

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